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Vastu Shastra

Vedic study about architecture is known as Vastu Shastra, it has certain beliefs and principles. Vastu believes that every living, non-living thing has a soul, and with the cosmic energy they stay in harmony. According to vastu earth is a combination of five basic elements and they are water, wind, earth, fire and vacuum. Feng Shui and astrology also believe so.

So, you have to go with Vastu Shastra if you want happiness and prosperity in your real estate business or home. Vastu dictates you about the direction of windows, doors where to place the furniture and in which direction. Vastu shastra help to construct worship room and to set direction of bedrooms. Vastu is a major part in one’s life, builders also take care to follow the instructions of Vastu-specialist before designing any building, as well as buyer and sellers of property also take care of this and follow vastu instruction. These are some main reason why Vastu is important in real estate dealings. Vastu Shastra is also known as “science of construction”, the rules of Vastu Shastra always focus on directions, and how to bring harmony to homes. Successful implementation of the Vastu brings positive changes in peoples’ lives. Vastu Shastra increases the positive energy.

It is an ancient science of designing building. In ancient India Vastu Shastra created for welfare of the whole humanity. This is also called super natural science and India is the mother of Vastu. This system is popular from the era of kings.

You can find free Vastu tips available online which include instructions beneficial for human beings. Some important instructions tell that trees should not be grown in direction of East but small plants can be grown. Tree shadow should not fall on your home. You can also find a Vastu Consultants and professional on internet.

Astrology: Each planet has its particular effects Sun and Moon daily deals with human bodies. And these planets make different effect in human nature. The study of these influences is called Astrology. When you are going to start real estate business search for indications about yourself, what your zodiacal signs say about your success. You can consult a professional astrologer.

A science that deals with judging human choices and makes prediction about individual’s outcome and decisions is Astrology. Astrology has its 80 branches and astrologers use these branches for predictions. Vedic Astrology is invented in ancient India and also known as Hindu astrology or Jyotish. Professionals of astrology study the position of planets at a given time correctly and also position of zodiacal star on earth and predict about the future and one’s karma.

In this science your future and karma are determined on the bases of your cosmic design and to make this cosmic design a jyotish need your birth date, birth place, birth time. And on the basis of this information they make a map or chart of planets in the zodiac sign. After studying your chart astrologers may know a lot about you. And their predictions are most likely resembled with your real life and they can give you a small idea about your good and bad times in future. With the help of these predictions you can prevent yourself form losses and can invest in the business that is more beneficial for you. Astrologers can help investors by advising them that which business is more profitable and what will best time to invest so they can increase their gains in future.

If you are in real estate industry you must consult astrologer and take seriously their advice to increase your probability of gains. It also works for arranging objects to increase positive energy in your life. In real estate it gives information that what kind of house is suitable in which you feel secure and give prosperity in house. A mankind is always eager to know that what will happen in future about their job, business and marital prospects to find answers of these questions wheels of our life goes towards astrology. Astrology has different branches to answer your questions. Astrology can help you to take financial decisions in your life and to live secure. The unique position of planets effect the human life.