My Success Story

Achieved my success as a real estate agent

Being a real estate agent for years now makes me feel like standing out of the box. There are many such circumstances that create us a person you are today. Real estate agencies in India are now growing since its inception. People have now started to invest in such venture and there are many such business tycoons, who have earned their names by such businesses. Real estate is not just about dealing in the midst of property, land, housing, rentals etc. but it is mainly about growing into this business by tackling all difficulties which arrive during your struggling period as a beginner. Today I am proud to share my story of accomplishments of becoming a real estate agent and have a full fleshed business successfully consecutively on all other phases.

Basically, I come from simple farmer family background. I stay with my parent’s along with my little brothers and sisters. Coming from a simple family, like others I had several dreams that I wanted to achieve. By having a family’s responsibility I shifted from village to city. All those bright lights and huge buildings had a variety of people who actually wanted to become something in life. Like a simple human being, I thought of buying some property nearby the city. I took this idea of buying land as a point of investment. So I decided to share this idea with my friends and colleagues, most of them denied others helped me out, while they tried best to find some property for themselves and for me. Finally, we reached up to some building and developers company, who tried to gain extra money out of us. But as I was aware about the market rates going on for the back skirts of city, I denied for the deal he was trying to crack for his own profit.

Later on, I was stuffed by the reaction of these agents who kept on showing me the false rates. I applied for a job with a real estate agent who guided me, I learnt all the legal procedures for few years with him and then after few months I was shifted to advertisement department. There I used to reply clients and showcased the latest deals. I saw people are these days more instant; they can sell and buy land online. I understood the importance of online usage for real estate agencies in India. For which, later on I decided of starting a firm as a real estate agent in India and that I would have a firm with accurate details and knowledge regarding this firm sell and buy land online. Two of my friends helped me out in this where they invested some amount of money for my firm while today they are my successful and trustworthy partners. As I came into business I had the experience as an employee but never as a leader, similarly to begin as a leader I initially advertised about my business online. Until then I was just waiting for the deals to arrive through online basis. I was already working for the local areas and from there my business from a local firm it became a brand name today.

After a long wait, one deal arrived after six months which changed my life entirely as a real estate agent. People started to know me by my brand name. I cracked the deal successfully with every legal formality as well as created a mutual understanding amongst the buyer and the seller as well as I sold the property eventually. After which both the parties referred my agency to their friends and family that now I am a well known business men who runs a real estate agency successfully in India. Now I have knowledge about how to tackle difficult situations, while honestly I do suffered some sort of loss, you’ve to it is the beauty about any business that you begin with.

Now I had a great knowledge regarding understanding the market rates to make out profits and loss deals sooner or later. Being a businessman, patience is the most important key as I kept on learning this business I never knew today I would create a brand name. Here’s the hook, when you don’t have any idea of what to become, you get into something you never knew about. To be successful in this business constant learning of market fluctuations is foremost thing to do. By playing this job online you can really earn a great deal, you just need to have your own website to start with. Today people do refer me for any property, land dealing, housing and rental deals. Working with so much of positive energy, from the real estate agency brings a spirit inside of you. Now I also deal in various areas rather than just my own city. Today I visit areas out of my city or to other states, where ever the deal calls me over. This is my success story, whether you are trying to become like me, you must have your goal straight ahead. Learn the right tact’s and the game is yours.