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JV Proposals is amongst the leading developers handling land projects. The achievement of M/s. V.P. Developers & Promoters Pvt. LTD, in addition to, M/s. Samruddham Lands Limited has their connections reach up to each spot available in the entire regions of Maharashtra.

The owners of J.V Proposals have commenced their business in the year 2009, as recognition with ‘V.P.Developers & Promoters Pvt. LTD’. These developers are the most trusted and renowned land developers, who are the best real estate business agents or brokers located in Pune. The brand name, which they endowed on to their business, is ‘Samruddham Lands Limited’. They have been specialized in the field of 2 min property. They have made their successful remarks on every project they worked on in some of the major cities. M/s. V.P. Developers have embarked its strong market presence almost for more than 3 years from now, in the realm of farmhouse plots, N.A. Plots, developed Bungalows and Agricultural Land. Specifically, these lands or plots that we bring out to you are safer and has been gratifying investment opportunities. These developers help you by providing a detailed description about the property that customers might seem to invest in, while this has already maintained a trustworthy reputation of the land developers. M/s. V.P. Developers have extended their large-scale properties by developing or constructing projects in some of the major cities such Sholapur, Boramani Airport etc. These developers will be soon launching a newly developed scheme of plots at various stretches of areas such as in Pune, Nasik, Dhule and Aurangabad.

JV Proposals have brought with a tremendous team spirit that are not only an experienced professionals but are effortlessly dedicated with various developing and real estate projects. M/s. V.P. Developers has ensured its customers safety as their responsibility with secure investment deals. The developers have a total dedication in making their customers comfortable by answering their enlightened questions. The developers take the total responsibility of having an inclusive and timely documentation procedure completed eventually along with full filling the legal formalities at the very same time. The deals are been clearly cracked with total transpiration by keeping up a manned and guarantee of security related to the property.

With the facilitation of V.P. Developers & Promoters Pvt. Ltd & M/s. Samruddham Lands Limited, India you get the full-fleshed information regarding their motive and deeds,

  • Priority to the security of the investors, owner and the dealer is been enclosed.
  • Creating a professional environment along with completed and successful projects such as the company has developed more than 440 acres of land contracts into emerging buildings.
  • There are more than 600 satisfied customers across India and abroad, who have experienced the deals with us, and they are still referring us to their friends and family though.
  • We deal in all Real Estate agreements, as we are trusted agents who bring you with total dedication from finance to documentation.
  • Transactions between the owner, buyer and we developers are been kept confidential with the managers of our firm, as we believe in sound and secure relationship when it comes to handling ready money of the buyer.

Either you are a buyer or seller you can come onto us for any guidance or contracts which you would like to elaborate. Real Estate Agency as well as Developers we have now reached outskirts of Maharashtra. Lately, we have now started working with the online support system that either you stay in abroad or India we are just ahead with a click. For the customers who are looking for a rented flat in your area, we could help you with finding the houses at your budget rates. We have arranged of properties with us, as we are always welcoming our new and old customers with our best services online as well as live.

V.P. Developers & Promoters Pvt. Ltd & M/s. Samruddham Lands Limited is one of the foremost developers who deal under real estate business. With the support of the professional staff members and their customers, they have now reached up to various heights in their business until today. You can also read some of the investing tips and blogs concerning about the real estate business.

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